2019 Archive

UndergroundJS 2019 took place at Rocketown on Friday, August 2nd.



  • Stephanie Winn

    Building a strong developer community for the future

  • Matt Trask

    Mental Health: you and me!

  • Kara Luton

    From Tutus To Tech: Looking Back on Transitioning Careers (Twice!)

  • Jerome Hardaway

    Writing Newbie Friendly Code In Production

  • Seth Alexander

    Nurturing Community: 4 years of freeCodeCamp Nashville

  • Kevin Old

    Intro to End to End Testing with Cypress.io

  • Tyson Cadenhead

    GraphQL Schema Design

  • Amanda Hasenzahl

    Introduction to Image Accessibility

  • Tanner Plauch√©

    Integrating Web Audio and Web Speech APIs into applications

  • Sean Hamlet

    Loop, Stack, and Queue: How Async works in a Single threaded world

  • Laura Pinell

    Thinking In React: A Presentation on ReactJS Component Hierarchies